Mercedes-Benz Việt Nam tuyển dụng

Mercedes-Benz Việt Nam tuyển dụng

We are looking for a young talent to join our Marketing & Public Relations Department.

Here is main tasks of this post:

1. Strategic planning:

  • Define annual communication strategy for brand and sub-brands
  • Define annual product communication plans
  • Monitor corporate image frequently and ensure it is in compliance with company brand
  • Develop and implement PR policies and procedures
  • Determine and deliver KPIs for PR plan
  • Develop and implement crisis communications advice and media strategy

2. Communications management

  • Build long-term relationships with all relevant stakeholders
  • Initiate ideas to organize PR activities
  • Carry out the PR activities in line with Digitalization & Brand strategy
  • Design and review the content in media announcements and media kits
  • Prepare speeches, arrange interviews for BOD
  • Drive traffic from Social channels to MB website/Test-drive landing page
  • Manage media agency
  • Support PR related information and photos for news published on MB website/facebook/youtube

3. Others

  • Create product experiences including Press conference in Motorshow, Product launch, Test Drive activities, media workshops
  • Define the model type & define communication highlights
  • Conduct product placement and relating content
  • Support content, material and guidelines for dealers PR activities
  • Other duties as assigned

Who we are looking for :

  • University degree in journalism, marketing, advertising, communications or related fields
  • Min. 2 years of experience in Communications or relevant fields
  • Strong knowledge and passion about luxury and/or automotive brands
  • Passionate, ambitious, creative talent who enjoys create something impactful. At the same time, also cares for the little details that distinguish Mercedes-Brand
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, writing skills (both English and Vietnamese)
  • A proven track record of successful PR campaigns with KPIs delivered
  • Master digital PR channels
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Sensitive to new trends of communication in terms of content, communication instruments, and media channel


Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Ltd.

Primary Location

Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh-Ho Chi Minh City

Work Location

693 Quang Trung StreetWard 8, Go Vap District, 70000 - Team digital marketing
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